Monday, April 16, 2007

A cycle ride by the Thames

S and I recently had a very pleasant cycle ride round a neglected part of the Thames. We started at the part nearest our home: Vauxhall; and headed west on the north bank. Taking time out to note the details of a few stinkpipes we made our way towards chelsea Bridge.

This apparently empty boat, containing a large living area, was anchored near Battersea Park (background).

Cheney Walk - a ludicrously expensive community of house boats.

And finally this graffitti has been appearing all over central London of late. Waht does it mean? answers on a postcard...

weird place

After finishing work on Friday I cycled down to the south bank centre to meet S. and see Tracey Emin unveiling a new work of art.

Ronnie Wood was spotted. the free beer was welcome. It was Speckled Hen too. Fantastic!

And the final work? Here:

Saturday was a housework, shopping and lazing about day. although we did managed to see Threads on DVD. Sunday's trip to Dungeness.

Skate nobs!

Visited Dungeness over the weekend.