Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A meeting at Canary Wharf

The day started foggy, but by the time I got here it had lifted somewhat...

bar wotever

another trip out this evening. Nights out are getting scarce again. Tonight its Tuesday, so its Bar Wotever. It was the usual change in the shower room at work and walk the gauntlet of the cleaners and security guards to get out of the building. I decided to wear my most recent boots purchase - tan coloured, thigh high, flat boots. Rather nice, i thought, with a short skirt.

Met up with a trans friend of mine, who i first saw as a female - me and him - and in typical trans style we faced off, checked each other out, and then studiously ignored each other for the rest of the evening. Next, I met her at the drab drinks near Waterloo where we were both in male guise. We've met up again a couple of times since then and she was dressed in DRAB - though very smartly in DRAB I must say, and i was dragged up both times, as is increasingly my wont. 

Also met a couple of his friends. Lesbians, though not a couple, work colleagues. Carpenters. Nice people, and yet again, Bar wotever worked its magic, and we swapped contact details.

Travelling home was my least remarkable journey yet. Never even noticed a single person lookibng at me askance, though i was paying much less attention to what peeps were looking at and much more to just being me and enjoying being me! Then i got hime and took these pics - posted above. 

the only problem i had were my boots - they wouldn't stay up my legs and kept dropping down. That's cheap boots for you!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sexy Photo Shoot

After getting some very postive responses from my selfies online, largely from men who didn't even bother reading my biog that points out my transgendered status, i decided to see if i could produce pics that were a bit racier than my normal style. The extremely rude ones are not here, but i might provide them on request. If you're nice to me. 


in underwear

starting to get in the swing of things
 I've had this dress for two years and I never ever thought it would fit me. I kept it as some sort of incentive to lose weight. now it fits!!
a bit rude
 This was an accident. I pointed the camera up too far.. but i like it. it objectifies me somewhat...

I lifted my skirt up for this one, but how else was i going to show my lacy knickers? I still think its quite tasteful.

 OK - no skirt in this one at all!!!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

DRAB drinks... FAIL!!

I tried to go to the DRAB drinks in DRAG today and turned out they were in the beer garden so I failed to find them cos i forgot about the beer garden. Anyway - went for a walk along the south bank, tweeted, found the spot where you can stand to get the Marylin Monroe vent up the skirt effect .. then onto the train at London Bridge to go home. Was a perfectly satisfactory evening, but not quite what I planned. 

me on the train, doing my best to be inconspicuous

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Bar Wotever and flowery dress

When I bought this dress in 2009 the last thing I thought would happen would be me wearing it out to a bar in famous that London. for a start i was too fat to get into it comfortably. But also I was still very much locked into my secret dressing period. 

But tonight, I put on the dress and slinked out of work, walking out through the grounds of Westminster Abbey, past Parliament and eventually crossing over the river towards Vauxhall, and the royal Vauxhall Tavern. There was once a time when being out in a dress would have made me impossibly self- concsious, but not now. Within an hour or so I forget I'm even wearing one, except for sitting down and every now and again I regress and try to find ,my jeans pocket :-p  

Sunday, September 01, 2013

How I Should Look

My friend did this with one of my photographs... this is how Stella should look.. and maybe one day I will

best make up yet?

In the dress my friend gave me...  

and earlier in the day - when i tried on my new business suit