Monday, December 28, 2009

Our caring sharing - environment loving BP are currently in court in Alaska fighting charges for negligence in maintaining key Prudhoe Bay pipelines.

The state sued BP's local operator, BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., on March 31 seeking to collect compensatory and punitive damages as well as "lost" taxes and royalties for production shut-ins related to the 2006 pipeline spills.

The spills were from corrosion-damaged transit lines that carry sales-grade crude oil out of the Prudhoe Bay field and feed it into the trans-Alaska oil pipeline.

The suit cites a total production shortfall of at least 35 million barrels of oil and natural gas liquids from the Prudhoe Bay and Milne Point fields from 2006 through 2008.

The state's lawyers accuse BP of knowingly neglecting corroded pipelines in the interest of cutting costs, and the suit seeks punitive damages for "outrageous" or "reckless" conduct.

Apart from the state suit, BP also is defending a federal lawsuit the Environmental Protection Agency and pipeline regulators filed against the company on the same day the state sued. The federal suit seeks millions of dollars in fines for alleged water and air pollution violations, as well as failure to meet deadlines in a corrective action order from U.S. Department of Transportation pipeline regulators.

The state and federal suits are civil actions. Criminal prosecution of BP for the 2006 spills wrapped up for both governments in November 2007, when BP Alaska pleaded guilty to a federal environmental misdemeanor.

But it continues - the latest leak on 2nd December this year:

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