Sunday, April 08, 2012

comment is free strike again

Fucking Guardian!! I don't know why I bother. I'm inflicted with the delusion that my viewpoint is as valid as anyone else's - but not on Guardian's Comment Is Free apparently.

so often I end up getting censored after making a valid point. If I was a climate change denier I'd be fine to post up any old untrue made up bollocks I liked. Even swearing and personal abuse is fine up to a point. Guardian doesn't mind that too much. But if you ever cut to the bone on a key and important issue that does not serve the Guardian's neo-Liberal agenda, then you're off.

This article dealt with the proposed execution of a middle class business woman in China.

My comment merely dealt with the fact that there seems to be more outrage being voiced over the proposed execution of a "nice" middle class business woman (white collar fraud) than I have seen over many, many executions both in China and in the USA. China executes political activists, China kills people for their beliefs! China kills people for being Tibetan and / or Buddhist. And yet we see this article agonising over the death of this proven criminal who may well have ruined many people's lives (note for binary people, this does not mean I support the death penalty for anyone and am not in anyway stating that I support the judicial murder of this young woman).

I also pointed out that the USA tends to execute black people, poor white people and people of low IQ in unrepresentatively high numbers. The comment has been removed by moderators. I have no idea why.

Before it was removed I got this comment in reply:

4 April 2012 5:39PM
No outrage over American executions though, because they mainly only kill the poor, blacks, low IQ and other disadvantaged people, not nice middle class business women.
In 2010, 12 states executed 46 inmates — 28 white, 13 black and 5 Hispanic. That's a 60% White 28% Black 10% Hispanic. Considering the states that still carry out the death penalty that's probably representative.
8th Amendment rules prevent under Federal law people with low IQ from being executed. States can't do that.

I have to answer it here and hope the nitwit who responded, Oozaveared (not me), finds it and reads it because the democrat republic of Guardian CIF prevented me from finding the thread until the it was closed for comments!

My poor claim just got ignored and they leapt straight for the race aspect. That was the first straw man!

Firstly - I am a bit baffled where he got his figures from as everywhere I've checked I see hispanic is not a race and hispanic people can be either white or black, or mixed race. So it's nice that he can be so certain about his 10% (binary people again, see?).

However, I'll go with his figures for now. I checked the racial make up of the US. Blacks in the US make up 13% of the overall population. Which proves right away my argument that blacks in the US tend to be executed in unrepresentatively high numbers - 28% of executions, only 13% of the population.

Maybe some of those "hispanics" were black too which would make it even higher. I'll be looking at his claim that 28% blacks might be representative of the states that still carry out death penalty, though i am dubious and also think this is a red herring as not everyone executed by a state is from that state. People do tend to move around for all sorts of reasons.

The next bit about the 8th amendment rules - he uses it to rather dismissively brush my claim away.

8th Amendment rules prevent under Federal law people with low IQ from being executed. States can't do that.

Oh, can't they? this from amnesty International. It's the first one that comes up on Google. The moron didn't even bother checking his facts before leaping in with his complacent nonsense!

So when you consider that what most of what Oozaveared wrote was complacent bollocks and what i wrote was provable even using Oozaveared's own figures, why THE FUCK were my comments removed Oh Great wise Lib Dem supporting FUCKING Guardian? Eh?

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