Friday, November 24, 2006

send me back that email please

I've not been blogging much lately. I have been quite busy though. Isn;t that one of the ironies of this whole business? Whenever I have anyhting to write about, I don;t have the time to write it.

I've been posting loads on the sentence game website - Google goat, boiled chariman and sentence game and you should get it. It's very amusing when it works. If you look at my favourite words you might think I was obsessed with vicars. But I'm not.

S. has been up in Oxford now - she's been elected to a post on the Students Union, and she's kicking bottom generally. I've had use of our car, which means I've pretty much failed to cycle in the past fortnight, and to be fair, that had a lot to do with my ear infection which I picked up in Oxford. We went to see "Borat" and as we sat down in the cinema I noticed a slight pain on my outer ear. by the time we got out, I was in agony. Then we missed our bus home and had to walk in pitch black round the ring road.

My new job has finally materialised. I will be starting at Baker Street offices on Monday morning. Another reason for having the car, I've been moving boxes of stuff off my desk at Leyton, and to my home. It's all signals stuff which I can;t see I'll have a lot of use for, so I'm gonna archive it in the loft.

I've been on ebay too. since xmas is nearly here, I've bought some games. Not the crappy modern games, but good old fashioned 70s games - for the family. First off - I got Mastermind, the game of logic, which we used to play loads when I was a kid. and I also ordered "Dad's Army". I used to love that game. It was last produced around 1974 apparently.

Last weekend I saw Bruce Springsteen - a friend sold me his spare ticket for �25 which was nice. I enjoyed it very much. He didn;t do his usual rock posturing thing. this was country/ folk style. Excellent.

Tonight I'm gonna see an Artangel production called Because the Night (which was a Springsteen song wasn;t it?). I'm particularly interested in the paranormal man and the comedy. but there's plenty of other stuff to get stuck into.

That's all for now.

Cheers :)

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil
A brilliant article which starts with Bush being inaugarated, and followed immediately by plans to invade Iraq.
It describes the oil industry's role in making and executing plans.
Provides explanations for events during the occupation based on US's plans for grabbing Iraq's oil.
Read it - there's a part two to click on too.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Barbaric punishment

So Saddam is to be hanged. Will that make everyone feel better? Or does it mean that we're as bad as Saddam? I noticed that Blair couldn't bring himself to condemn the sentence even though the UK and the Labour Party officially oppose the death sentence.
I'm guessing that as well as being popular in the USA - the hanging of Saddam will mean that he has been silenced for ever. If he lived, then there's no telling what secrets he might reveal. Secrets that the US and the UK don't want the public to hear - how they maneuvred Saddam into power, supported his regime, failed to challenge his atrocities, and finally used him as a scapegoat when it was convenient.
I'm against hanging which is a pity - as sometimes I feel it is the only fate that Blair and
Bush deserve

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

oil slick in the Thames

This is unbelievable. Someone's dumped oil (or diesel) into the Thames. Apparently the slick's a mile long already!
I'm hoping that the opportunity is going to be taken to seriously penalise this particular polluter.
I've got an uphill struggle in front of me - just realised that in my new post I'm going to have to answer auditor questions regarding our environmenatl policy. There's a whole pile of documents I have to ensure are in order before then.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

tub of lard

That's it then. I'm back on a diet. I've measured my fat gut, and my chest. The aim will be to reduce these measurements between now and next spring. In summer 2007 I will be my correct weight, and fit.
Today I mainly ate couscous, vegetable juice, salad and tuna.
I reckon i need to stop drinking for a while too - well maybe socially, and a little at weekends - but mid-week at home has to stop.
Bit of a hectic week coming up - early meetings in central london - all connected to my new role as environment manager. I'm going to an internal conference on Friday at Hammersmith - in the Novotel. I've got to be there at 8.30 am. Blimus!!

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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Dome - less green than it was

When the public, and presumably local authorities, the media, and that, are sold the idea of a new development, we tend to get fobbed off with benefits that the buidling will bring, and lately, green initiatives that make the development more attractive.


The Millenium Dome - as was - "used rainwater - grey water - to flush toilets and for cooling. Reedbeds outside cleaned the water before its reuse".


Apparently - according to a mailing from  they've now gone. "Rain now runs to profligate waste. Reedbeds neglected and sure to go. Other energy saving systems ncluding local power generation have gone too. Why I asked?"


Too expensive - was the answer.


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Friday, November 03, 2006

scooby do soup

actually - it wasn't so nice. The soup was watery - and the lumps of pasta were not very much like pasta. They were more like small tasteless dumplings.
I only bought it because it seemed like a good joke when I was in the co-op on Sunday with S. when she pointed out it was half price - would I like it? I said yes! And we laughed. I wasn;t laughing while I ate it today.
Oxford eh? What's that all about? We went to see "Scanner Darkly" in the most run down cinema I ever sat in - including the old Brixton Ritzy. It was just off Cowley Road - famous apparently - famous for being "edgy", "arty", "diverse" etc. And it probably is for Oxford.
There were lots of people - middle class students, many in fancy dress - quite a few blokes in drag I noticed, I was never aware that that was a Halloween tradition. There were also plenty of proper Oxford people around - especially in the Hobgoblin pub where we had a drink. Two girls came in dressed, apparently, as French tarts (S said) except they weren't. We quickly realised they just in their normal clothing - it was the beret, with a tight skirt and heels that gave us our intial impression.
We had a drink, squeezed in a pretty decent Indian meal, and then took our seats in the flea pit. And flea pit it was. It stank, the seats were extremely uncomfortable, the decor was a la abandoned ware-house.
Film wasn;t bad though.
The wobbly ride home on the bikes was good too.

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Scooby Doo Soup

I'm having Scooby Doo Vampire Tomato Soup with Pasta Ghouls. Lovely!

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