Saturday, June 30, 2012

Great Drag Race 2012

Having found a summer dress that fit me, I put it on
I actually ran in the first ever Great Drag Race in 2010. Then I had a year off. this year I paid my entry fee, which went to the charity that organised the even, but I did not run. I merely, er, attended.

pink shades and lipsticks and a pair of fashionable wedge sandals later!
We took a cab to the event, at Highbury Fields. I didn't quite have the confidence to walk door to field in my dress!
Drag Race 2012 competitor

some jumped for joy

photos were taken

i just sat about looking glam!

got a bit of a tan on my legs!

and drank beer...nothing stops me drinking beer

Yay!! Winner!!

these two trying to be an old Beneton ad

what the fuck am I doing?
At the end of the event which ended with a bit of a whimper, me and K wandered off to get a bus home. I coped in my wedged shaped shoes, just about, by walking more like a girl than I usually walk.

Giggles from schoolkids aside, no one paid me the slightest bit of attention as I sauntered onto the bus and took my seat, smoothing the back of my dress as i did so. then i say prim and upright until our stop.

finally the last walk back, across a bust street, down K's road, and home!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Mind The Map @ London Transport Museum | Londonist

Review: Mind The Map @ London Transport Museum | Londonist:

Government Backs New River Crossings | Londonist

Government Backs New River Crossings | Londonist:

and yet again the car looks like winning out over foot or cycling traffic. There are so many ways to cross the river by car already - how many by bike? The Dartford Bridge / tunnel requires you to wait for a vehicle to bus you through - slow and requires planning ahead for large groups.
The Woolwich and Greenwich foot tunnels require you to walk your bikes through and often to carry them up and down many, many steps. Not always even possible. I've been close to collapse coming up the woolwich steps on one accasion when i had quite heavy bags on the bike!
There's the ferry which stops at 8pm. I usually finish work around 7/8 pm.

Other ferries are expensive and difficult and slow.

Why can't we just have a FUCKING BRIDGE you arseholes?