Thursday, September 28, 2006


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S. had a mild crisis the other night which left me with about 2 hours sleep. Now, over a day later I'm still spangled.

I've lost my work keys too, which is causing me a fair amount of inconvenience.

Anyway - S. is up in Oxford - studying - and I'm visiting tomorrow. It means I've got to seriously get my shit together tomorrow, in terms of laundry, housework, finding all the things I've lost, packing the car with things that s wants in Oxford, etc.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Who Killed Kennedy?

I've never considered myself to be a conspiracy theorist, so until recently I've kind of skated around this issue. I've always been aware that conspiracy theories existed, but I never knew much beyond the "Magic Bullet" theory, and the discrepencies and contradictions in the records surrounding Oswald.
I'd been reading a lot of crap from the Garrison investigation in 1967, I guess because of that Stone movie. But that's pretty much a major red-herring, and a load of bullshit.
When I started writing my own history of the USA I had it in the back of mind that I'd either not really deal with it, or pick a few theories of the shelf, including the official story, and offer them up for the reader to decide themselves. But eveytime I come up against the Kennedy murder, it just seems inadequate, and I feel like I'm avoiding the issue.
I now feel that JFK's death, and the truth surrounding his murder, is crucial to understanding that whole period. after all JFK wasn;t the only prominent figure who was bumped off at the height of his powers.
I'm very impressed with Summers' book, "The Kennedy Conspiracy". It examines the evidence in minute detail. It isn;t the only book I've read on the subject, but so far it is the best.
Oswald was clearly working for US intelligence. He wasn't the scumbag traitor that the establishment want us to believe he was. He probably didn;t have time to commit the assassination, as he wasn;t quite in the right place at the right time, and no-one can definitively place him on the sixth floor of the book depositary at the moment Kennedy was shot. He was also not that good a shot. Yet he ran up the stairs to the sixth floor, assembled his gun, aimed fired and hit twice, then ran back downstairs quickly enough to be witnessed by a cop all in the space of a few minutes, and not a bit out of breath or flustered,looking nonchalant enough so that the cop who saw him didn't consider him at all suspicious.
50 odd people thought a shot or shots had come from the grassy knoll. Some saw the shooter. a photo appears to show a head in the right place. Others saw a man fleeing from the grassy knoll. The accoustic evidence proves with 90% certainty that some of the shots came from the grassy knoll. JFK's injuries were such that they could only have been caused by a gunshot from the front, ie, the grassy knoll. Witnesses, including ones with combat experience, were sure that at least two shooters were firing - and from different directions.
Then comes the doctored and disappeared evidence, the lies, the pressure put on witnesses to lie, and the lack of a proper inquiry.
For me its bang to rights - Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy. One powerful enough to fake evidence, pull files, forge official documents, etc. Now I only have to work out who was in that conspiracy.
Anyway - the upshot is that I'm rapidly working towards a theory that I'm happy to include in my book - not a conspiraloon theory, nor the standard history version which is clearly inadequate.

Monday, September 18, 2006

after counting to ten

I've calmed down.
After I left U75 because I couldn't stand dealing with the feeble minded, they've started coming onto my PERSONAL Blog and telling me what I can and can't say. Free speech is something that most U75ers  hate - either cos they're stalinist "socialists" or because they're little neo-con robots who believe the only right the working class should have is to work 50 hours a week, and be bloody grateful for it. Otherwise Daddy's company just won't be able to get the staff.
I finally got round to buying the new Moz album, and as S is away in a former Soviet bloc country, I'm driving around in the car. That means loud stereo. I've loaded Stereolab, Bowie, The Tears, Moz and an Indie compilation in the CD player, and was playing it LOUD this morning. Moz is well on form with this new one, and I wish I'd bought it before.
Just had to help S buy a ticket to get out of Warsaw - they didn't take her card. She's been really negative about the place, calling it a shit-hole among other things.
Went to the Thames Festival yesterday - no pictures...
Reading Anthony Summers' The Kennedy conspiracy...
Watched 13 - Tzameti (2005) last night - I rated it with 5 stars on Screen Select - that's what I call a thriller, not that Hollywood shit we get fed with over here.

Some Urban 75 wanker has posted a feeble comment

The morons who post on Urban 75 seem to be brainwashed and thick. Too thick to realise that people may exist outside of their internet personas. I used to be a regular poster on Urban 75 until one day I woke up and realised I was wasting my time arguing with a bunch of middle class tosspots that I'd rather just ignore.
Come on you thick twat - identify yourself!
Anyway - I repeat my point - that your comment only serves to reinforce. Urban 75 and that ginger-haired Welsh wanker who runs the whole show, seem intent on associating themselves with events that are "cool". However when I've started critical mass related threads on U75 a run of posts were posted saying er...sorry, can't make it cos of work/ a trendy gig/ can't be arsed/ got no bike/ can't ride a bike/ I'll be wankered on drugs.
And I've seen very sporadic and occasional attendence of Critical Mass by regular U75ers.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tangela Tricoli

I just heard this woman singing on the Danny Baker show. Hilariously terrible.

Apparently she provided inspiration for Lisa Kudrow's character, Phoebe, in the TV sitcom "Friends" and the song "Smelly Cat" featured in the alleged sit-com is based on "Stinky Poodle".

go here too

Cycle helmets may raise risk of accidents

by Alexandra Topping
Tuesday September 12 2006
The Guardian

Wearing a cycle helmet could be hazardous for your health, according to research from the University of Bath. The study of 2,500 overtaking motorists in Salisbury and Bristol found that drivers get 8cm closer to cyclists wearing helmets because they are seen as more experienced.

Female cyclists are also given more room. Traffic psychologist Ian Walker used a bicycle fitted with an ultrasonic distance sensor to record data. Dr Walker, whose research is to be published in the journal Accident Analysis & Prevention, was struck twice during the experiment.

Copyright Guardian Newspapers Limited

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years

OK so its Monday again. I'm wrecked already. There's been a lot of sackings on the project I'm involved with in the last two weeks, and apparently there's more to come. I'm about to step sideways into a different job. The whole project is nose-diving and I want out.
We went to Brick Lane festival yesterday and looked at some art (not very good), and ate some curry (tasty). We didn;t eat on Brick Lane which is a bit poor these days, but in a restaurant a couple of streets away that S knew about. I'm not going to publicise it as the queue is long enough already.
The Dials were kind enough to send me a few tracks that they'd recorded. I've stuck them on my mp3 player, and have been listening to them for about a week now. The four tracks are quite varied in styles, with country, psychedlia, soul, and acid jazz all thrown into the mix. three of the tracks are particularly catchy pop songs; the other is a ballad. I've recently put 60 tracks by the Monkees on the MP3 player too, and for a second I thought a couple of the Dials tracks were Monkees tracks, till I checked the screen. I mean that as a complement, of course.
I've got my bike back - it only cost me �12 - at Edwardes, Camberwell. I was a bit shocked to see Wharf Cycles had gone.
It's the anniversary of "911" today - I put reggae on and danced through the minutes silence as a sign of complete disrespect to the United States.
I'm aware that thousands of innocents died in that attack, but they are a tiny percentage of the innocents that have died brutally and needlessly since America decided it needed an empire. It's time we started considering the hundreds of thousands that have been killed by the terrorists in the White House over the last 60 years.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A letter I sent to SchNews

In a recent issue of SchNews you quoted the critical mass web address as Urban75. This is incorrect. The actual address is
I'm not aware that anyone from Urban 75 is involved with critical mass - or even takes part on a regular basis. Urban 75 are a self-serving group of middle class t**ts and do not need any more publicity than they have already.
I hope you can find space in your next issue to print the correct address for critical mass.
The Cat

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I went to this event on sunday with the family. It wasn;t bad. Me and S got to ride a tandem. We were a bit wobbly.
I'm bikeless for a couple of days; my wheel is being fixed in camberwell. I do get to read more when I'm on public transport. I'm reading Anthony Summers' "Secret Life of Edgar Hoover". Summers makes the claim that Hoover - as well as being a complete bastard all his life, and blackmailed everyone to keep his job - he was a transvestite, and had been in a long-term gay relationship with another FBI employee. I haven;t got to the really good bits yet.
My MP3 player is full of Americana at the moment. I put on 60 Johnny Cash tracks, a funk cd compiled by James Brown, and a southern blues compilation. Put that with the Wilco double cd, the 50 track country compilation, & Elvis Costello's "Delivery Man".  


Yesterday wasn;t a good day. After only three hours sleep, with a hangover, and depressed, I was expected to turn up at work, organise 4 teams and their paperwork, write an audit report, and cover for a colleague who has gone on leave. No chance!
I could barely cope and barely did the bare minumum I could get away with. Therefore no report, and a little of the other two jobs I had to do.
On the way home - with two heavy panniers I managed to break two spokes on my back wheel. That left my back wheel buckled, though I could still ride it. I had to ride carefully though, with quite a heavy load I was concerned about breaking the wheel so much that it became beyond repair.
I went home via Greenwich so I could buy food for my cats. I get this dried stuff - Hill's Maintenance diet. The few times I've dared feed them anything different I end up with an ill cat - except fresh or tinned fish of course - but I can;t afford for them to eat too much of that.
Once I was carrying the cat food, then my load was 5kg more than before, so I ended up walking a large part of the way home just to be safe. Got home at 8:30.
I made a large chllie con veggie carne, put on something more comfortable, put my feet up, and fell alseep to Futurama series 3 on DVD.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Gary Numan to perform Telekon in entirety!

I've only seen Numan once this year already - pretty much doing only tracks from his new album. Now he's touring doing only tracks from my favourite Numan album, Telekon. I'm quite excited about this now.

(News date: Jul 27)

I think most people will have heard some rumours or comments about this by now. For quite some time I have been concerned about those fans, most of whom have been with me for many, many years, that would like to see more older songs played live. As you are aware, my own desires have been to play less older stuff as each new album comes along, especially since '94 when things got much heavier and darker. I have struggled to come up with a solution. One that enables me to continue to play predominantly newer material at the shows and yet doesn't seem to be ignoring the wishes of those people that are a, not as interested in the newer stuff or b, do like the newer stuff but would still like to hear more older songs. So this is my first attempt at trying to do something that is some kind of a solution. In December we will play four shows where we only play songs from the Telekon album and it's associated singles and B-Sides. If this 'Classic Album' idea works I might do it again but playing songs from different 'old' albums each time. I intend to play the songs pretty much as they were originally recorded, so not massively reworked as I usually do when playing older songs. This, I hope, will give those fans exactly what they want, without me having to dilute the current album tours and shows with too many older songs. For me, knowing that these are special shows for a particular part of my fan base is also something that I can be comfortable with. As you know I hate nostalgia with a passion but this is a compromise that I can live with and enjoy. The shows will be at:

    Dec 5. NOTTINGHAM. Rock City
    Dec 6. GLASGOW. QMU
    Dec 7. MANCHESTER. Academy
    Dec 9. LONDON. The Forum

The tickets will be available on this site, at the venue, and at other outlets which I will let you know about as soon as things are set up. Hopefully that will be before I fly to America on sunday.

This idea working or not, and whether it ever happens again, is entirely down to how many fans want it and are prepared to come along. I really hope enough people are interested. " - from Numan's website.