Friday, November 09, 2012

Do Clothes Make The Person?

Clearly not, however, this is what i posted on Angels, TG Forum:

At the moment I'm still entirely dressing for me. It's stuff I feel comfortable or that makes me look more the way i want to look (girl shaped!).

Just getting my head round dressing for appearing in public! Learning what might be ok for sitting around on the sofa and watching telly, might not be appropriate for a long walk around central London!

I've taken it for granted that if I do this right I'll be dressing to attract males; doesn't mean i want them to bother me - I'll settle for being admired from afar!!  :smile:

Am getting nice compliments at the moment from women I talk to on Twitter and it seems I'm getting it just about right albeit - slightly lagging behind the latest fashions!! (well I am over 40!)

I think Lizzie only emerged when I started getting the look right - its probably a psychological thing or similar to drama - once i had the mask on and I no longer looked like bob I was allowed to become Liz at a deeper level. I'm sure there are other ways of getting there.. but this is the way I got here.

I don;t think clothes ever make the person but they sure can help bring the inner person out to the surface!