Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's Get Funky

My back's not hurting today - hoorah!! I dreamt I was in the mafia and my wife and daughter got surrounded. Paul who I really do work with was my main henchman in the dream and I left him outside handling the situation while I went indoors to rescue my family. Suddenly outside the police started leaving, and Paul was gone as well. Was he a traitor? I never found out.

Instead found myself awake on an inflatable rubber bed in D's tiny little spare room.

I've been weighing myself again - today 17 stone 11 1/4 lbs - that's down from last weeks 18 stone 1 lb. I need to lose weight so that some of my favourite old clothes will fit me again as well as the obvious health implications, and I've got the Dunwich Dynamo in July to consider. I need to get back to the fitness I had two years ago.

Today it rained, and nothing really got resolved at work today. The audit is bearing down upon us and there's a couple of issues that I didn;t think were my responsibilty, but now as noone else wants to sort them out, they've come back to me, and I can do nothing about them. Oh hum, another day to play email ping pong and be tearing my hair out by 5pm. I'm considering going to the cinema at 4.00 pm tomorrow - there's a new film at the Prince Charles I might like.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Night In The City

I post because I have promised myself I would everyday I could get net access. So here we are.
I went to work today and spent most of it ensuring areas of my business had their environmental inspection schedules in order.
At the quiz last night we came 7th out of 15 teams - it was an appalling performance.
I've decided I must blog in the morning when I can actually think of something to write.  

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Friday, September 26, 2008

new day rising

Back to work with a hangover today. My team came 3rd in the Metronet Pub Quiz and I had four pints of lager - which is a lot for me these days.

Emailed to NO2ID campaign to see if they have anything I can get involved with - I quite fancy taking up a cause again. It's been a long time.

People in the office are talking to me today. Which is nice...

Saw another Zombie film today. At the Prince Charles, my new favourite cinema, for only £1.50. I wasn;t sure when it started - they stamped comedy and clumsy satire all over the first 5 minutes, and the set-up was full of cliches - deliberately so for sure - but it was a fairly obvious and not terribly subtle attempt at spoofing action movies, that themselves are already parodies.

But, I warmed to it. It was called Stripper Zombies and it gave us yet a new take on the Zombie as all Zombie films have to these days.

And I've got a Martin Bormann documentary on DVD which comes to the surprising conclusion that Bormann died in Berlin in 1945, and did not escape to become a Soviet spy living in Paraguay.

And now for some pictures:

This poster below annoys me - although I had to laugh. It's an ad for teachers, and they rather desperately try to show how down with the kids music they are by mentioning Jimi Hendrix. While this is obviously quite sad and misguided, they make it worse by correcting the Jimi's spelling - "Voodoo Chile" becomes "Voodoo Child".

This statue below is near Victoria Station, on the corner near the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Turns out I'm related to the person who modelled for it about 90 years ago. It was my Gt Gt Uncle fresh from living in a ditch in France for several years - he travelled up from Plymouth for it and was apparently extremely reluctant to do it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Another manic Thursday. Today is the day that most work seems to get done. This is because the big managers' meeting is held on Friday morning and if there's any jobs not done someone tends to get bollocked. So my phone rings quite a lot on a Thursday and at the same time I'm trying to write up and put together my weekly update and figures, etc.

Watched a documentary on the Ramones last night and found out I knew nothing about them - or very little. And then D put a Smiths DVD on. This meant I was up till 1 am and now am very tired.

As well as trying to get the update completed for tomorrow, the company is holding a quiz tonight to raise money for charidy. I've joined a team to be sociable, and becasue I enjoy quizzes. I'm not great at them but D and I won our local pub quiz on Sunday - won £27.

Danny Baker's back on the radio this week - so I'm in a better mood in the afternoons.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

about town

Took a day off work today. I had to collect my bike from Edwardes in Camberwell wher eit had been fitted with a new block and chain. Riding it into London felt good. I've found cycling to be pretty depressing lately what with my own health problems - back and knees seem to be giving out, and with blocked up sinuses, headaches, and terrible stomach problems - have left me preferring to take the tube of late.
I think I might have slightly buggered myself up a bit by cycling 250 miles in 4 days in the summer. I defintely buggered the bike up.
And there's the stress as well - which I'm sure accounts for some of my problems.
Anyway - back on the bike today and it felt good. I'd already said that. Cycled up to Baker Street and went into my office to have a shower and pick up a few bits from my desk, before then heading down to the Prince Charles cinema to see "Midnight Kiss" for £1.50.
MK is an indie film made in Hollywood, set in Hollywood, about a writer trying to forge a career in LA - who has a run of bad luck culminating in depression and despondence. His friend - who he's living with puts encourages him to place an ad on an internet social networking site for a date. He gets a call, a woman who arranges to meet him for 5 minutes to see if he's up to her standards.  
It's funny and moving - very cheaply made I guess - entirely using unkown actors - but it was all great - script, direction, soundtrack and acting - perfect. Nine out of ten.
Also listening to - new Stereolab album, latest Brian Wilson, and a cover version of the Abbey Road album by Booker T & The MGs.

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Monday, September 08, 2008

catch up

I'm currently single again having been thrown out by my wife again, and sleeping on a friend's floor so I can get cash together to rent a room of my own. I'm considering the deepest south of the Northern Line at the moment, as it is an area I like, and am familiar with, and I'll be near my friend - may need the ongoing support.
Got in touch with another friend last week - someone else who once had the hots for my wife and purused her for a time. We went and saw a country act called Elizabeth Scott. She was acompanied by her accomplished singer song-writer husband on geetar.
I'll be back to write a review soon I hope. The gig was so good I bought the album.
Picked up my ongoing interest in researching the family tree and am now sharing info with the family who all seem quite interested. Now I need to patch it all together in a form that the family can read and understand easily.
Been watching some movies lately - Dark Crystal, Cold Sweat, Brothers Grimm, Time Machine (remake), Coffee and Cigarettes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Have a little DVD player - hand-held gadget thing - allows me to get a film in most days during lunch or while travelling.
After my cycle tour I've given cycling a bit of a rest - but started back on the bike today.
For a while now have been going to regular pub quix where between 10 and 20 teams tend to enter. We came 4th yesterday - only about 5 points off the leader. Previously we have come 6th and 3rd. Our disadvantage is that there are only two of us in the team, and most of our competitors have 4 to 6 in theirs. And we know bugger all about sport!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Perusing today's news

Phew – as long as New Orleans is alright – fuck Haiti


At last a sports person speaking out about nasty exploitative parasitic politicians. He's right you know.


Winner of this week's No Shit Sherlock Award! I would never have guessed.



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Blunkett - What a C**t

Arch bastard David Blunkett making more ill thought out hate filled comments – now, "Older people should carry on working as long as they are physically capable". What a c**t!

"In a speech to the Counsel and Care charity in London he said it should not be assumed the government had "prime responsibility" to support the elderly. " You start to wonder what he thinks the government does have responsibility for. What do we have governments for? Starting wars? Spying on its population? Preventing dissent? It does appear that way.

Blunkett also said people should use equity release schemes to raise money from their homes to pay for care.

Right in the middle of the credit crunch this twat has learned nothing. The last I want to be when I'm 97 is mortgaged up to the eyeballs. A nice legacy to leave my niece and nephew eh?

"My presumption is this. That all of us, every one of us who is capable of doing so, should aspire to continue with some meaningful activity to the point of our incapacity overtaking us.

Meaningful activity presumably means meaningful to the state and to the corporations. No chance that you could enjoy yourself at any point, develop a hobby, travel, read, create, spend time with your family, look after grandkids, etc. No – if you aren't paying tax then you're a burden.

Mr Blunkett said £700bn was tied up in home ownership by those who had retired.

Tied up – how? That money is handed over to the seller who then puts it in the bank, or buys something with it. It's not tied up. There's no actual money there at all, just a pile of bricks and mortar that the owner would like to live in. But no – the government want your homes now too, no chance that you might leave it to your children.

"In our endeavour to protect people's inheritance, have we not made enough of, and are we not clear enough about, the release of equity from the enormous home ownership that exists in Britain and the divide of those with and without assets which this trend has accelerated?" he said.

If he's concerned about homeownership then maybe now is the time to resurrect the public housing sector  - and I don't mean corrupt Housing Associations.

"I'm suggesting that part-time work - often a different kind of job - is one way firstly of sustaining people but secondly of people remaining active," he said.

Shelf stacking it is then!

"Why should someone who's not saved, who's not put money by, expect those who have to sustain them to do so not just in working life but in retirement as well."

Maybe paying taxes and NI all your life might entitle you to something back. Bastard!

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keeping my Blog

Despite best of intentions, I still haven't managed to blog. It's the only account of my life I keep and as my memory seems to be so terrible, it might be my only 'memory' of these years.
At the moment I'm going through the diaries I kept from 1989 to 1993. It's almost daily and an insight into the young me, which the old me is finding fascinating.
So I'm hoping that this will induce me to blog more regularly. And to write some thing worth reading in the years to come.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

some news...

Soldiers refused service at a Hotel

I've left a comment on the BBC site that this is fair comment in a country where the government went ahead with an illegal war despite almost universal public opposition. As far as I remember only the poor deluded who believed the fairy stories about Bin Laden's evil mountain HQ were in support of this war.

The only legal thing for a soldier to do when faced with orders to perform illegal acts is to refuse those orders. I believe this was established at Nuremburg after WW2.


I went on to look at crime-obsessed Boris Johnson's new map of London. It shows levels of "serious" crimes in boroughs and wards across London. By serious they mean muggings, robberies, rapes and - pause for comic effect - car crimes. So for middle England having your car nicked is like being raped. Great. Anyway, since these figures are all bundled together you really know what they mean. They're useless, basically. I don't own a car, so it having my car nicked doesn't worry me.

I worry more about getting my bike nicked, but this map doesn't help there.

I also worry about being attacked (slightly) but the only thing I can definitely glean from this map is that walking alone in the middle of a large council estate is probably increasing my risk of being attacked. Hard luck if that's where you live.