Thursday, December 18, 2008

Swell in Welling

I'm up in Welling now. No longer sleeping on the floor, I have a proper bed, my own room, and I pay rent. That's a definite step up.

I've joined the local library for the IT facilities, and of course, the books. I noted with approval that the website reminds members that if they do not use their cards to borrow items then lose the use of the IT facilites too.

I've also made links with the local cycling campaign in Bexley, and hope to pick up the NO2ID stuff again.

I'm lodging with a friend of a friend called P. And his plan is to live in this property for another 5 years; I'm welcome to stay till then - and to be honest I'll probably need every minute of that time to get myself fully back on my feet.

The cycle commute is similar to the one I undertook from Chislehurst, only I have to negotiate Shooters Hill. If I get public transport then its a bus to North Greenwich and tube from there. Luckily for me there's a new Woolwich DLR station opening early next year, and this should save me a bit of time getting into work.