Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So Much For June

This is my June entry. That's what it's come to now. So I will try to sum it up in a couple of paragraphs.
Jacko's death shocked me. Last Friday the first I knew about it was the hysterical Daily Mail screaming "Michael Jackson's Dead" on it's front page. I genuinely became confused. I couldn't believe that Jackson was dead, even more so that in these days of instant communication I'd failed to hear either on the television or the radio the evening before.
The week before I'd attended an interview for my own job - which left me more stressed than i expected....and physically tired. I've been pushing it with the cycling too, competing on the Bike Radar thread "Silly Commuting Stats", motivating me to push my weekly mileage ever upward. So far I'm achieving between 150 and 200 miles a week.
So last weekend I was genuinely knackered out, aching and tired. S. called me to meet up over the weekend and to find out how my interview went....for which I've since had very positive feedback...but still no definite outcome.
S and I met on Sunday and spent time on the Southbank walking from London Bridge to Waterloo, eating sandwiches I'd brought, and finally combing the beaches on the Thameside for intersting artifacts - oyster shells, old London bricks and bits of clay pipe.
I was wondering how long oyster shells lasted in the river and whether the ones we saw washed up could be dated back to the days when oyster was a popular working class snack. There were quite a lot of them.
We skimmed flat stones, looked for "holey stones" and talked, talked talked.
S is looking good, she's lost much weight, but I know this is due to stress and unhappiness.
And then last week I was straight back on the bike again - another 150 miles. Paul hooked us up to the inernet  so spent the weekend surfing, downloading Collins and Herring podcasts, and watching Glastonbury footage.
Particular enjoyed Blur and The Specials. I'm never sure about Neil Young though - he's a bit self indulgent, and I can't stand "Rocking In the Free World" because of its dubious ambiguous lyrics. I wich he'd never written it.
I was amused by the Collings and Herrin vandalising Wikipedia debate. It seems Andrew collins has really upset parts of the Wikipedia community.
I've got tickets to see Riachard Herring in New Cross on the 13th July - where he's doing his Edinburgh show - Hitler moustache. Can't wait.
This week I have been attempting to recover in time to cycle the Dunwich Dynamo, which is this Saturday. The knees feel less painful, but I'm very tired still. I have a few bits to get together - maps, ferry timetables, YHA receipts, snacks for the journey, bicycle repair stuff, that sort of thing.

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