Saturday, June 18, 2011

Morrissey Review

Morrissey – review | Music | The Guardian

I have a ticket for the Hop Farm Festival in Kent which is two weeks away now. Morrissey is the headliner. Kind of got myself in the mood for it by watching the Glasto film on telly this morning which showed clip of Mozza in 2004, which was my first Glasto, has it happens, and I was in the Mozza crowd, right at the front. Though I'm not in the film, DAMMIT!!!

This review suggests Mozza's still on form, and interestingly, included a Lou Reed song in his set. Lou Reed will be playing just before Morrissey at hop Farm - so I'm hoping for some sort of collaborative performance.

I've seen Mozza numerous times in the past - Glasto in 2004, and a few times in the 90s, Crystal Palace in about 1997, Wembely Arena and Brixton around 1993/4. I've always manage to see him in terrible venues, except at Brixton where instead my first wife started a row just as we were about to leave, and we ended up missing most of the show. what's worse, the bit we saw was fucking fantastic.

So it was some compensation for me to see him in 2004, right up the front, on mushrooms so there was none of this drinks/toilets/more drinks/etc situation going on. I was high, I wasn't drinking and I was right at the fucking front, at glasto main stage, and Morrissey was about to return after years of absence and do one of the most blindingly great performances I've ever seen at a festival. it was f*cking marvellous.

so I'm hoping for something similar on july 2nd.

Mozza - please be f*cking marvellous for me!! I love you!! and I'm old enough to know better!

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