Saturday, June 26, 2004

Glasto: Saturday

It rained. My finely tuned timetable was obliterated. See the cider bus in this picture - which remained the focus of activity despite the rain.

I had a good day - catching stuff that I knew I could comfortably get to without having wade about in tons of mud. even so, I still managed to get covered in pissy mud that I fell in near the men's urinals!

Sat and spoke to a woman for a short time and we compared how exhausted and achey we were, shortly before I launched myself into a packed tent to see Hazel O'Connor performing.

cider bus and environs

funny joke Ha Ha
It was during a theatre workshop (yeah, really!) where I saw Michael Evis, who actually smiled at me - probably recognising the signs of a man under mushroom influence.

people pretending to be giraffes

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