Tuesday, November 29, 2005

musical interlude

I bought load of new music at the weekend. Kate Bush's new album, Aerial; Can's Inner Space/ Out of Reach; Some Call it Godcore by Half Man Half Biscuit; Wilco's 1998 album, Summerteeth; An early one by Husker Du, 'New Day Rising'; and I bought Simple Minds' "Sons and Fascination" again - I have it on tape but its starting to sound a bit ragged. S reckoned it had been quite influential during the rave era.

It'll take me a while to digest all this new stuff but already some of the Can stuff sounds fantastic, and Kate Bush's new album seems as good as just about anything she's done.

I got most of this stuff from Rat Records in Camberwell - for about £3 to £6. They were playing Kraftwerk's Europe Endless while I was in there - really put me in the mood for a bit of Germany's finest.

BTW - thanks for the comment - I've corrected the error. Must have been thinking about David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" when I wrote this.

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Bridget Unnel said...

Kudos on the Simple Minds purchase. (psssssst...it's "Sons and Fascination")