Wednesday, December 14, 2005


An oil depot blew up near Hemel Hampstead the other day, which was nice.
S woke me to tell me what had happened - it was pretty early- soon after 6.00 I think. We weren't woken by the explosion like some people though.
However - by about midday there was a definite smell of petrol in the air.

Through the day we were show some pretty alarming pictures - the black cloud, produced by burning the equivelent to a quarter of all the petrol used in Britain in one day, was supposed to be non-toxic. contains benzene, carbon monoxide, and carcinogenic particles. How is that non-toxic?

By dusk - the smell of burnt petrol was unmistakable - we couldn't have windows or doors open on that side of the flat.

Fortunately the wind changed direction the next day towards the south west. The sun came out and it didn't rain on us. Once it raisn on us our water will be contaminated with benzene, which is extremely toxic, even though we breathe it in every day coming out of exhaust pipes.

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