Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I stopped to take a photo of the long-abandoned and derelict Eltham Coronet. A friend from my Thames Poly days used to go see films here back in the '80s and S. was in here quite a lot too, years before we actually met for the first time, watching late night horror film screenings.

It's a damned shame that no-one can find a use for it now though. Even more of a pity that it can't be reopened as a cinema - it'd be ideal for people in my area who can't be arsed traipsing all the way into the West End to see a film, plus local cinemas always showed stuff that the big central cinemas just can't afford to show - old sci fi and horror classics.

Though looking at what happened to the Woolwich Coronet, I guess there are fates worse than death for old cinemas.

The Woolwich Coronet is now some dodgy American Evangalist church. I used to see bands, and cheap Wednesday matinee performances of the latest Hollwywood releases there.

And of course - the inevitable Woolwich Ferry pictures; I can't resist.

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