Friday, April 03, 2009

forgot to Blog in March...

And yet again – I leave a long gap between blogging. I've had another stressful period, but think I'm just coming through it.


Part of the problem is my personal health which is not that bad, but I'm used to be healthy and pretty fit. Since last July my cycle fitness has declined. After knocking myself out on 250 mile ride round Suffolk and Essex, I allowed my daily cycling to reduce, and finally in December, gave up completely for over a month.


Then I moved to Welling, and could barely cope with just one journey into central London and back, let alone 5 a week. In that time I've been building up – this week I have finally reached my goal of 5 journeys cycled into work in a week, and have got that high which I always associated with cycling – instead of that awful worn out feeling I'd started to expect.


That and some mystery sinus complaint I've had since December, which only this week have I managed to shake off. I think it's linked to the temperature somehow, but can't begin to think what is causing it.


I've decided to concentrate my organisational efforts on getting involved with Bexley LCC. I've agreed to organise bike rides – the first one being a Dickens themed ride from Graves End through Rochester, along the Medway – about 35  miles and mainly on the flat, planned for May 3rd.


I've been watching The Rockford Files on DVD. I remember it as my favourite programme as a kid, watching it in my room on the refurbed black and white tv I had in my room. It's a bit formulaic, some old flame usually walks in and hires him, he refuses to take the job but then when accosted by thugs a couple of days later, realises he needs to take the job to get himself off the hook of whatever he's got himself involved in, which is a mystery to him for the first half of the show. Finally, he confronts the person following him, gets hired by the person he's been following, and at the end of the programme, there's no buried money and he doesn't get paid.


But what an excellent programme, just because of James Garner, and Jim Rockford's character. He's very believable, doesn't like carrying a gun, reluctant to do anything dangerous, insists on getting paid, keeps getting bogged down with petty domestic issues, his living arrangements, his car, a nagging dad,  debts, bounced cheques, unhelpful cops, bickering former lovers.


I also managed to get through the first series of Starsky and Hutch, enjoyable, but a bit tedious and much less well made than Rockford Files, although to some extent built on the idea of a vulnerable cop with real problems.


Music wise, there's a great new Franz Ferdinand CD out, keep hearing tracks on the radio, haven't got the album yet, but want it. The new Decemberists CD sounds good too. Sparks' new single – Lighten Up Morrissey is amusing – there last is another album I need at some point. Mozza himself has a new one out which I haven't bought yet.

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