Monday, August 02, 2010

Cat, Struck by a Car

May have saved a cat's life yesterday. Poor little thing was lying by the side of a dual carriageway with its head buried in its paws. I was cycling along by the side of the very busy road, and thought, oh no, dead cat - it always upsets me as I'm a cat owner myself. It didn;t move when I approached it. A woman driving by had seen it too and had pulled over but she knew nothing about cats. I saw it's ear move, it was breathing, and finally it lifted its head to look at me. It looked like it had no energy to move. I was worried about moving it, and seriously concerned about what injuries the cat might have suffered which would suddenly become obvious after I picked it up. Anyway - the woman brought a towel to pick it up with - a sensible precaution in case a cat decides to panic and use its claws. I went to pick the cat up, and it moved, though the woman stopped it. I picked it up, wrapped in the woman's towel, and gave her advice on where to take the cat. I handed to cat over to the womans young daughter and advised her on how to hold the cat - not too tight - but not to let it struggle too much or get free. The cat mewed pathetically though I don't think it was in terrible pain, more shocked and frightened. It could still walk which was a good sign. They drove off and an hour later the woman phoned me to say that she'd taken it to a local vet and they were going to treat it and try to trace its owner. Good news I hope, though I will never know the outcome.

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