Saturday, January 14, 2012

My other blogs

Gradually i seem to be working out what it is I want to do on line. 

The plan seems to be this at the moment

Keep this blog as my main blog - a blend of personal, London, interests and political views - and in the future make it more of a show-case for my worked on pieces.

I have a new blog now - to take a more historical perspective on things:

Like all my blogs, this is a work in progress. I have many many thousands of pages of writings, articles and archived material from the past ten years which currently reside on hard drives and in boxes. My intention is to get all of this onto this blog in some form or other over the next few years.
Any entires that start looking rather good will be promoted to my main blog, Just Say Noam, and Twittered to death.
Until that day - please watch this space. Or not....

It will be full of 'plagiarised' bits, unfortunately - i make no pretence that it is all original, though some of it will be. I will reference as much of it as I can, however, when i started this project over a decade ago, I wasn't too hot at keeping notes of where all the information came from, and was much much too enthusiastic just to pull together a convincing narrative for myself. Luckily Google is my friend, and will help a great deal, but that'll take quite a bit of time and is fairly painstaking. 

Also - some of it may turn out to be a bit conspiratorial or speculative in nature. That was where I was a decade ago. these bits should be rewritten, framed in correct context or removed. If you see any bits like that still in there, again, feel free to tug on my coat tails, I'd be grateful for the support.

Meanwhile if you recognise your own works on my blog, not properly referenced or credited, then please do send me a message and I will put it right!

I've also set up a third blog to support this project called Daily Links - just as a repository for articles I find online as my browser links are only available on my own laptop, and they are, I am ashamed to say, rather ramshackle and badly organised and things tend to get lost in there.  

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