Saturday, June 30, 2012

Great Drag Race 2012

Having found a summer dress that fit me, I put it on
I actually ran in the first ever Great Drag Race in 2010. Then I had a year off. this year I paid my entry fee, which went to the charity that organised the even, but I did not run. I merely, er, attended.

pink shades and lipsticks and a pair of fashionable wedge sandals later!
We took a cab to the event, at Highbury Fields. I didn't quite have the confidence to walk door to field in my dress!
Drag Race 2012 competitor

some jumped for joy

photos were taken

i just sat about looking glam!

got a bit of a tan on my legs!

and drank beer...nothing stops me drinking beer

Yay!! Winner!!

these two trying to be an old Beneton ad

what the fuck am I doing?
At the end of the event which ended with a bit of a whimper, me and K wandered off to get a bus home. I coped in my wedged shaped shoes, just about, by walking more like a girl than I usually walk.

Giggles from schoolkids aside, no one paid me the slightest bit of attention as I sauntered onto the bus and took my seat, smoothing the back of my dress as i did so. then i say prim and upright until our stop.

finally the last walk back, across a bust street, down K's road, and home!

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