Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tried to cross the road between the bus stop and Lidl tonight. There was just a steady flow of selfish bastard motorists flying past, none of which so much as considered the idea that the poor fucker waiting by the side of the road might have actually wanted to get across the road before he fucking retired!!

So I started moving into the road a bit. A bit more. Cars just went round me. then a car which turned into the road from a nearby junction came round and was forced to stop as I was in the middle of the road at this point. So he stopped and I crossed, and just before i got across he beeped his horn.

I looked and he was gesticulating and shouting angrily at me. So i shouted fuck off and gave him V signs back.

Then I thought - why do i have to go through this every fucking time i want to cross the fucking road. Really makes me fucking mad!!!

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