Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Nick Cave and The Badseeds

Saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the Brixton Academy.

It’s remembrance time again. Nearly. The debate was on John Gaunt and the usual white van brigade rang up to complain – “What is going on in this once great country of ours” blah blah. It’s over white poppies or refusals to wear a red one because of what is going on in Fallujah. They say “you wouldn’t have been able to say that 60 years ago in Germany” or some such shite. It’s paradoxical of course, because the speaker wouldn’t allow you to say that now if they had their way – why else are they making this point? They say go and live in another country if you don’t like it; and apart from the fact that – actually, this is my country – and the point that, I am considering it anyway – why don’t they go and live in another country if they don’t like free speech? I don’t like the moral high ground taken by these morons – my family fought as hard in WW2 as any other family and we cherish free speech and we abhor violence, especially violence conducted by this “coalition” against civilians in an illegal invasion.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will give money to the fund if I see someone collecting but will not wear a red poppy

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