Tuesday, November 09, 2004

November Spawned a Monster

The attack on Fallujah is on. My government is complicit in bombing civilians who are trying to resist an illegal invasion. Well done Tony Blair. However evil I ever thought you were, you’ve surpassed all my expectations.

We managed to obliterate a hospital yesterday. Well done everyone!

What is happening in fallujah as described by people actually in situ does not remotely resemble the crap that appears in Western newspapers and on TV.

Robin Cook has been making some good points. He said the turning point in Fallujah was soon after the invasion was completed. The people of Fallujah welcomed the Coalition initially with little or no resistance from the people there. But when parents protested at the US occupation of their children’s school, US troops shot several parents dead. This upset the people of Fallujah. Can’t think why. Trouble is Robin Cook’s comments have dropped off the BBC bulletins by 11:00 and are not being discussed at all on John Gaunt.

Drink driving is on the increase over here – up from 10 years ago.

Death – a member of New Model Army died on Sunday (?).

Robert Heaton (New Model Army)" died on 4th – brain tumor.

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