Tuesday, April 19, 2005

suicidal peds and homocidal motorists

Has spring turned the peds of London suicidal, so that instead of looking before they cross the road, they take a flying leap in front of the nearest oncoming cyclist?
I ask this because I cannot believe how many times I had to resort to dinging my bell this morning. But of course, spring has also contrived to make these people deaf too, as I had no response to my dinging at all – so shouting at top of my voice was the only method left for me to make my presence known, other than actually colliding with, eg, a young mother, the sprog trailing behind her, or the buggy (with baby) being pushed ahead.

But still, spring seems to be in full flourish right now – the sunlight reflecting off the rain dampened roads, lifted my spirits no end. Only the large puddles around every blocked street drain caused me a problem. I usually choose to go round, as cycling through them would ensure I was sodden for the rest of the ride. But going round puts me in conflict with the speeding traffic, driven by morons who will not give an inch to a cyclist – forwhat reason I have no idea. I drive, and I have no problem leaving space for cyclists, anticipating when they might need to pull around an object, etc. But then – I give a shit, and most drivers clearly don’t.

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