Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm back

It's been a long time since I posted - but now I'm back.

Spring is here again. I've been watching the moorhens attacking each other on the Regent's Canal -a sure sign that the little moorhen chicks are about to emerge blinking into the light. But I might not be here to see the first ones. See, I'm off to Andalucia on Monday, for a whole week.

While I'm away, we'll see the election of a new pope (he's not quite dead as I write, but he is quite poorly), and Prince Charley will have married for a second time. And who knows what else?

I'll be able to avoid these momentous events - even though I suspect the pope thing will get quite good coverage in Spain - I believe they take Roman Catholicism quite seriously there.

Now that spring is here the roads are again packed with fair wheather cyclists, many of whom are barely competent, and it will only get worse as we head towards summer. For at least one day in the fortnight of minor blizzards we experienced in February, I didn't see more than one other cyclist on the road.

and yes, in the end we did get snow on the ground - about a couple of inches, enough to make my journey to work a little slippy. The canal was frozen that day so I was able to watch the water birds walking where they usually swam - waddling along slowly on the frozen water.

Bye for now...

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