Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Today it started out clear, although a bit chilly. I’m pretty much re-acclimatised to the cycling now, after about a month with the bike out of order, and finally my bum and legs have stopped hurting too badly. There's the problem of only having one brake, and the fact that my chain has begun to slip. I would put it in for a service but I've just got it back, so I'll put up with it for a couple of weeks. I've been thinking about getting a spare bike, but that'll cost money and I want other stuff first - digital camera - laptop.

I cycled from S's flat in Camberwell this morning. Going through Kennington there were many motorbikes clogging up the spaces normally inhabited by cyclists. The number of motorbikes and scooters ahve gone up a lot in the last couple of years, thanks to congestion charges and bombs on the Underground. The advanced Stop Line (ASL) shown below was exclusively filled with motorbikes. I didn;t get a look in, and had to hang around at the back where the cars were. And that is kind of what the point of ASLs were supposed to be. In fact I'd scrap ASL's now, they don't serve their purpose, and the misuse by motorcyclists have actually made things worse for us.
motorbikes in the ASL.

And they're off; Not a cyclist in sight:

Then approaching Tower Bridge - this is always happens. This van had stopped here, blocking my progress. If the traffic is slow, then this becomes the major hazard, and the prime cause of my slow progress.

What Happens When Cycle Lanes Die. Cycle Lanes are rarely maintained, and often not replaced after road works. It all seems like a complete waste of money to me.

When I reach Victoria Park I'm nearly at work, and if I'm making good time, I can slow down and take in the pleasant surroundings. Often though, it is the only place I can actually get up a good turn of speed. No cars, you see. Just as I reached the park this morning, masses of people started coming out. You can just see them below, coming out of the right hand side gate. very nice :

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