Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Central London

Well, I moved.
Now I've got an office not far from Oxford Street. I used to work here a few years ago - until 1999. I didn't think I'd ever want to come back, but after about 3 years stuck at Leyton I'm pleased to be back in the thick of it. S is pleased too cos it means I can be home by 5pm some days, and never after 6.00.
It was my birthday at the weekend. S took me on the London Eye. It was dark,and cloudy, but it was still a good experience. We found where we lived, and other notable landmarks.
then we went for a drink at the NFT.
Tonight I'll be seeing Paul weller at the Forum with a bloke from work - in fact he was briefly my boss back in 2001/02 - NOT Paul Weller - the bloke I'm meeting!
The Artangel gig was very enjoyable too - apart from the middle class twat from the Telegraph and his offensive "poetry" about how poor people sometimes have to work nights. He fails to grasp the reality of being working class. He kept talking about night workers who are unhappy to be out at night because they have a poor sick child at home! Is that the only reason people would like to be at home, or have better working conditions? How fucking Dickensian? What an arsehole!!

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