Friday, November 24, 2006

send me back that email please

I've not been blogging much lately. I have been quite busy though. Isn;t that one of the ironies of this whole business? Whenever I have anyhting to write about, I don;t have the time to write it.

I've been posting loads on the sentence game website - Google goat, boiled chariman and sentence game and you should get it. It's very amusing when it works. If you look at my favourite words you might think I was obsessed with vicars. But I'm not.

S. has been up in Oxford now - she's been elected to a post on the Students Union, and she's kicking bottom generally. I've had use of our car, which means I've pretty much failed to cycle in the past fortnight, and to be fair, that had a lot to do with my ear infection which I picked up in Oxford. We went to see "Borat" and as we sat down in the cinema I noticed a slight pain on my outer ear. by the time we got out, I was in agony. Then we missed our bus home and had to walk in pitch black round the ring road.

My new job has finally materialised. I will be starting at Baker Street offices on Monday morning. Another reason for having the car, I've been moving boxes of stuff off my desk at Leyton, and to my home. It's all signals stuff which I can;t see I'll have a lot of use for, so I'm gonna archive it in the loft.

I've been on ebay too. since xmas is nearly here, I've bought some games. Not the crappy modern games, but good old fashioned 70s games - for the family. First off - I got Mastermind, the game of logic, which we used to play loads when I was a kid. and I also ordered "Dad's Army". I used to love that game. It was last produced around 1974 apparently.

Last weekend I saw Bruce Springsteen - a friend sold me his spare ticket for �25 which was nice. I enjoyed it very much. He didn;t do his usual rock posturing thing. this was country/ folk style. Excellent.

Tonight I'm gonna see an Artangel production called Because the Night (which was a Springsteen song wasn;t it?). I'm particularly interested in the paranormal man and the comedy. but there's plenty of other stuff to get stuck into.

That's all for now.

Cheers :)

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