Wednesday, January 17, 2007

London Astoria

The LA as it is known here seems to be employing a very literate sign writer with no clue about current bands. In the past few weeks I've seen "Block Party" go up on their big sign above the door and in a couple of days got changed to "Bloc Party" but on the same day "Get Cape Where Cape Fly" appeared. Two days later this was corrected also.
So Saddam got whacked. Its sick the way our leaders queued up to appear on the media and deny any responsibilty for killing a man who was in effect still the legal head of state of Iraq. And that it was done in such an offensive manner, makes it worse.
Now he's dead the main witness to any possible trial of western is unavailable. The executions continue - soon Bush, Thatcher et al will be able to breathe easy. 
Weather - though its not cold - not really - this winter has been abnormally wet and windy. I got soaked this morning.

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