Thursday, January 25, 2007

Post snow

The snow had cleared by the time i got home. There wasn't even the merest suggestion of snow.
This morning there was more snow, but by the time I put all my layers on - tights, socks, t shirt, top, jumper, jacket, the snow had stopped. I paused on the way to take a picture of this misuse of an ASL on the Old Kent Road:

At work, the boiler wasn;t working so it was a bit cold. It'll be colder tomorrow. I've been on a diet for some time now, and have lost two stone since the start of January. I'm starting to crave certain things. I miss pasties, having had at least one a week for some time now. There are some very nice pasty shops in London these days. I nearly went for it yesterday. And I really fancy drinking some beer, though my friend in Spain is coming over next week - so a guaranteed drinking session to come.

My cat on the exercise bike. He liked it up there, and stayed on it for about 20 minutes.

Me at work yesterday:

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