Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back Again

It's still here. Excellent. Its been about six months since I even looked in here, let alone posted.
S is in Lithuania getting some extremely cheap health treatments, and I'm engaged in renovating our house so we can let it in January. I've already found a couple to move in. Yesterday (my birthday) I had the plumber in to fix all the leaks, connect up the kitchen sink, and put a new ball thing into the water tank so it doesn;t make a horrible noise any more.
Some time ago I discovered wippit. I've been subscribed for about four months. For £5 a month I've managed to download 5 Pixies albums, 1 Belle and Sebastian, 4 Bjorks, 5 Cocteau Twins, 4 Gary Numans, 5 Falls, 1 White Stripes, 1 Polyphonic Spree, 2 Cherry Red compilations, 5 Bauhaus, several Danny Bakers, and the whole of the Fan mail letters - all for free. Apart fromt he £5 a month obviously.
I've bought a hard disk drive for storing all my music on - work gave me a laptop, but I didn;t want to fill the memory up with my music. I've filled up about 20 MBs so far, but I've still got a long way to go.
That's enough for now - I'll be back!

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