Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vampires Vs Zombies on DVD (2004)

Starring: Bonny Giroux, C.S. Munro, Maritama Carson
Director: Vincent d'Amato

I was really surprised to see this film flagged up as one I needed to rate. I checked the plot...I had absolutely no memory of ever having rented this one. I asked my wife. she remembered. Apparently, we put it in the machine and watched about 10 minutes before taking it out, putting it back in the enveloped and sending it back to Lovefilm. That must make it the worst film ever made as I usually managed to make it at least half way before giving up. Anway - I rate this film at zero. I don;t remember it, but that's probably just as well, like forgetting a car accident you've been in.

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