Friday, March 28, 2008

friday 28th March 2008

Ah - you thought I'd forgotten about my commitment to my Blog! Think again! My commitment is now for a daily entry - although only Monday to Friday ... and maybe not every day.

I've still not shaken off this cold - you'll recognise me riding my bike this week - I'm the one with a constant cough and persistent sniffing. It's horrible.

I saw the President of France yesterday. He was in a limo heading towards Downing Street. I didn't know what he looked like, or his wife, but it was fairly obvious who'd be ferried in a huge motorcade with police escort towards Whitehall. Then I checked on the BBC website and yes - it was him.

Ha ha to Heathrow T5 for suffering at least two setbacks this week. First off they've had to back off with their intention to fingerprint everyone passing through due to "misgivings" and secondly, the operation has descended into absolute chaos leading to poor press and massive numbers of customer complaints.

Critical Mass tonight - since my Bikes Not Bombs ride over Easter I'm hoping to be able to say hi to some of the people I met.

Speaking of which - here's some piccies. At the start, a huddle was formed to decide the plan, the first of many huddles in the next three days:

Before we left London we joined up with the Free Tibet march in London.

Then a premature lunch stop in Hyde Park where I managed to buy a coffee. My bike with Roy's bike (with flag):
Cycling through Shepherds Bush:

Past Heathrow Airport:
Stopping for the night at a Sikh temple in Slough:

On to Reading:

Lunch Stop on Easter Sunday:

Along Riverside cycle paths:
Around Roundabouts in Industrial Estates:
In Reading we were Deemed a threat to the railways:

Finally we made Aldermaston: - pirate fun day in London tomorrow - don't miss out.

It's the Oxford Cambridge boat race this weekend - I'm not interested, but you might be. Putney to Mortlake, River Thames, 5.15 tomorrow. - for a list of all the pubs en route.

The Elephant Man is on telly tonight. ITV3 at 11.10 pm

I'd like to say hello to the flower girl near where I work, this is her having a sneaky can of Guiness while working.

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