Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Raspberry Beret

I had the day off yesterday. Partly to collect the car from its MOT (340 bloody quid!!) and partly to attend a Fossil Fools' Day protest. Except I never got as far as attedning the protest. Instead S. and I went for a walk round Merton Abbey Mills, visited the City Farm, and had a meal in this Indian Cafe in Tooting where we've been a few times before, and we love it.

Orwellian graffiti in the Sava Centre foot tunnel

A sign that spring has arrived - only the second Ladybird I've seen this year.

The garden at Dean City Farm

Later that day we headed for the Sun and Dove in Camberwell to see Will Self talking for an hour about nonsense (his bath mat running for the US presidency was the main point) followed by a screening of the Triplettes of Belleville .

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