Thursday, October 23, 2008

complaint about dangerous and agressive driver

To Whom it May Conern,

I'd like to make a complaint - in the strongest terms - about one of your drivers.

I am a cyclist and today ( around 11.30 / 11.40 am) cycling on Gloucester Place I was assaulted by your driver.

I was cycling in a northerly direction, with your bus behind me. As I approached a traffic light at a junction I noticed that the light had turned yellow, and with my experience of this junction stopped as I knew I had no chance of clearing the junction before the traffic started moving the other way. As soon as I stopped the light went red. As soon as I stopped your driver beeped his horn and overtook me dangerously on my right, veered round me at high speed nearly hitting me with the rear of his bus, and proceeded straight through the red light.

I caught him up to complain further up the road, and he became extremely agitated, gesturing, and edging his bus forward towards me in a threatening manner. After failing to secure his apology - he kept shouting that it wasn't a red light, that it was yellow, as if that was the only issue, and not his dangerous and threatening driving.

I decided to take the details which I include below - as I was doing this he was edging the bus forward to try to intimidate me. Once I'd finished taking the details your driver moved the bus forward, again at high speed, as I was trying to get back on my bike, and knocked me out of the way as the bus hit me side on. Fortunately I was not injured, although I haven't yet checked the bike thoroughly.

I want this driver disciplined or I shall be taking the matter to the police.

I do not think he is fit to drive a passenger service bus on crowded streets of a major city.

Bus route - 274 towards Angel
time - 11.30 - 11.40 am
date - 23rd October
bus number - DLD 120
Reg plate - V120 GBY
No on side of bus - 53


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