Thursday, October 02, 2008

a proper transformer

I've come out of my depression this morning and got some longoutstanding stuff done - to do with the car and the cats. Unfortunately I have to rehome my cats, which has been upsetting me for some time.
I saw a terible film yesterday - Forbidden Kingdom - a lightweight martial arts film starring Jackie chan. It was rubbish with a couple of good fights and about one good joke. There was a clip of Monkey in it though, and while the main guy was taken back to Ancient China after becoming unconscious his mission was to free the Monkey King. I thought it might be good, but it wasn't - some people walked out - but I don;t do that however terrible the film is. Maybe I should.
On a brighter note, I've volunteered to set up a NO2ID group in SW London. Just waiting for a reply from my contact at NO2ID.
End of the week and its the top management meeting where I have to present our progress or otherwise in the EMS.

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