Monday, November 30, 2009

Ian M Banks

While I enjoy Banks's sci fi novels i do find them strangely lacking in soul, but in a way i like that clinical feel to them, and they are very gripping. It's just that after reading them I feel I have gained nothing from the experience except a few hours of harmless escapism. I've started reading the Algebraist entirely in that spirit, in which other people may watch Hollywood blockbusters. The Algebraist is not part of his Culture Cycle he says it may become a trilogy, but at the moment is a standalone novel.

Also this week have enjoyed watching the third series of the Mighty Boosh - an improvement from the second series I think. I loved the song "Eels" and a Gary Numan cameo. Most of the already familiar Boosh characters seemed to make a return, and both Fielding and Fulcher seem to be excellent at playing women. Fulcher looked just like Rosanne Barr. I was very impressed.

I sat through over two hours of The Green Mile last night. I decided I'd give it a go a while ago but trying to watch a 188 minute film on Channel five where the ad breaks (and the News) are nearly as long as the programme is just a mug's game. I gave up with over an hour still to go. thought I might try again on DVD, but to be honest, it was syrupy okey homespun american nonsense about God and sin. It was bollox and I hated it. So I read the synopsis on Wikipedia - what a load of old nonsense. Won't be trying to watch that again.

I have a rule that I do not watch anything with Tom Hanks in it. I broke that rule last night and lived to regret it.

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