Monday, November 09, 2009

No Talking

I was at the Luminaire on Saturday night to see the High Llamas. Then today I receive an email from the Luminaire which includes the following paragraph:

A big SOD OFF to whoever wrote the whining, passive-aggressive note on
our mailing list sign-up sheet, asking us to let him or her speak and
not to "shush us" when the bands were playing, suggesting that
shushing those who're talking is not very nice. Nor is ruining our
mailing list sign-up sheet but you go right ahead and do that, and
talk when the bands are on, and we'll go right ahead and tell you get
out. If you're ignorant enough to ruin someone else's enjoyment of a
gig by yapping about X-Factor or whatever the hell it is you talk
about then you waive the right to appeal.

Never let it be said we don't stand our ground on points of principal.

Good on you Luminaire management! It's only a little venue and people prattling on about crap will be a real annoyance. In fact the last time I was at the Luminaire to see a couple of bands there was a persistently noisy group in the audience chatting all the way through the Dials, the support act. Unfortunately no-one told them to shut up. But then maybe that was because they were the main act - the Mekons - and entourage. While I enjoyed their performance (no one talked through their act) my wife took agin them, said they were shit and has failed to forgive their rudeness ever since.

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