Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Badger Operation Ends

Finally, it's over. I went to the site today to seal the gates and declare the area no longer a badger sett. Actually, it'll be Natural England who do this; allowing us to carry out essential maintance work early next year, as long as we keep the entrances sealed, and the tunnels clear till work begins.

Now I have to provide a short report of what work I carried out and send it to NE.

I was accompanied to the site by two colleagues and a couple of contractors who drove us to the site, and assisted in the physical work.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse today, of all days, making it difficult to get to the site and making it very very cold on site. So I was unable to retrieve the gates as I wanted. At £60 a pop, I don;t want the civil engineers to put them in a skip, as they may well do if I'm not careful.

I will now put together an information pack on how to excude badgers, how to deal with Natural Englans, the legal situation, etc. so that others within my company can carry out the same exercise, potentially saving us thousands of pound of contractors' fees.

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