Friday, December 10, 2010

Student protests

The Telegraph's view

The Telegraph claim that the "trouble-makers" were boys, keen to keep their faces covered, but not mentioning the routine photographing of ALL protesters by police. These boys, branded "teenage vandals" by the Telegraph "strutted" around with sicks in their hands. These boys, far from being vandals, are intelligent and politicised by recent events. They have lived through the war on terror and the wholesale attack on citizens' rights, seen the violence carried out in the name of democracy and wetsenr values, upon thousands of innocent Afghani, Iraqi and Pakistani families, endlessly justified by faceless PR people and sold out politicians who go on about "spreading democracy" and "combatting terrorism". It seems that to the establishment violence is good. To them violence can promote freedom and democracy. The violence that states wield of course, is far more than the odd broken window or a smashed up police van. The violence of the state is unmanned drones wiping out villages, friendly fire, missiles aimed at demonstrating civilians or news agencies and journalists who refuse to tow the US official line; waterboarding, death squads wiping out suspects and their families and their associates, and anyone who might get in the way including many who innocent who were identified as "terorroists". This way we create more violence as the politicised children of the tortured and killed grow up with hatred in their hearts, and a burning desire for justice.

Violence is not good but you wouldn;t known that from the way our governments behave. To be honest, with the provocation of the last 31 years of right wing govenrment in the UK, I'm surprised the anti-state violence has been so restrained. If violence is OK for states to wield in the name of creating democracy then violence from citizens in the name of protecting rights and opposing the injustices of a government with no mandate is entirely justified.

I haven't even mentioned the way the police behaved in this demo - disgraceful!

police comments here

Student protester operated on after being 'hit with police baton'

I support the use of limited violence and damage to property in order to oppose the violence of the state. why shouldn;t I?

As for the poor royal couple who's good fortunes are entirely based on state violence

Oh boo hoo!

Can't wait until I see your heads on poles. The French know a thing or two about how to deal with Royals!

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