Monday, March 19, 2012

A tory (and LibDem) future

Well it's easy to see where the government are going with all this. They're forcing poor people out of the south and into the north, or other depresed areas.There push to reduce public sector pay in these areas will result in pushing down pay across the board. Private sector pay was ahead of public sector pay just a few years ago, but with a concerted effort by the elite who own the private sector, they have succeeded in pushing pay down below the public sector levels. This now leaves the public sector in the position of being a block to the ongoing plans to erode pay still further. To play on everyone's tendencies to jealousy the elites have unleashed a veritable groundswell of dissatisfaction, not at employers, or the government, but at the very people who are fighting to keep pay and conditions at reasonable levels, public sector workers and their unions!

 This, with removing environmental regulations and planning regulations should help boost profit while forcing the poor to live with air pollution and on contaminated land.
People make really moronic statements on websites such as the Guardian's CiF such as - oh rich people don't suffer from air pollution then? Well not if they live away from the source they don't, no! Rich people can afford to choose where they live, poor people can't.The areas where air pollution is low will become more valuable, more expensive. Eventually it will be the poor suffering while the rich takes the profits. it was thus in the 18th and 19th century and it will be thus again. soon.

A privatised health service will make the gap between rich and poor even more obvious while the rich can have expensive treatments to mitigate their pollution related illensses - theones that have them - the poor will not, will become chronically ill and will probably die. This suits Cameron's friends - better they die than they become a burden on "society", by "society" I mean nice rich people, not nasty poor smelly people!

Ironic that it's the tories who have decided they want to make the UK as much like China as possible.

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