Monday, March 26, 2012

Back on the bike

You won't believe how fucking happy it makes me to be back on my bike. In that case I'll spell it out to you. I am sooooo fucking happy to be back on my bike.

And when I'm on my bike I like to photograph the things around me and record the changes I can see, and the everyday things that makes London unique. 

I find the Woolwich ferry endlessly fascinating and keep photographing it in the hope that new stuff pops out, and on occasion it does. 

The yellow really attracts me - I like seeing it against the blue sky background. If I ever get back into painting, then this will be the first place I go to. 

 Then more yellow came along. This view reminds me of New York harbour more and more - so when I see three yellow barges being pulled along with the Docklands towers as a backdrop I get a little bit excited.

I find this building fascinating too

Boris's folly part one

Boris's folly part two (left of the stadium)
I had a meeting with signals management in east London and then I cycled along the regents canal back into Holborn to my office. Stopped only for lunch on a park bench on Victoria Park. There were people sunbathing! In March! Sunbathing! I have never seen the like in 40 odd years!

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