Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Homophism amongst Afro-Carribeans

Unbelievably, John Gaunt is making a big deal about a holiday program on last night and has turned in to a debate over whether being gay is like being black!?! This is cos some people compared racism and the black minority with homophobism and the gay minority. Clearly it was just being used as an analogy… Loads of Afro-Carribeans coming on to deny that there is such a thing as a gay black. “It’s not in my culture to be gay”, said one guy. The homophobic blacks are getting really angry too. “What makes me homophobic is when it’s rammed down my throat.” These men (all men) are also saying they don’t want to be associated with gays. But they’ve missed the point.And the argument that gay is wrong and unnatural because if we were all like it there’d be no people left. If we were all women then there’d be no people being bred either, doesn’t mean its wrong to be a woman, or asexual. Loads of people don’t have sex. Should we kill them? Of course it’s natural to have gays – as it is amongst many (or all?) animals. But if all out gays tend to be about 10% of the population, and Bisexuals and people who find themselves other than completely hetero, can be a much higher figure, there is no problem surely? Finally at the end of the programme a black guy rang in to say that he’d read a New Scientist article showing that homosexuality was found to occur in over 250 species, in some study.The upshot is John gaunt has given the opportunity for bigots to air their vile views.

BBC London leaked into my dreams and so dreamt about me andy and some others standing about trying to come up with film sripts. Then I was leaving with some old Sutts (my old school) and Bill Bailey. I wasn’t interacting andstood in BB’s personal space in a pub we went into. He said “do you really even see us?” I followed him to the toilet, and went to the urinal while he went to a bar strangely located within the toilets, and there were people standing around socialising.

The Sopranos. Wow. That dream sequence. Tony B went and did a hit on….

My company has clamped down on overtime which has worried a few people here. One wonders how far behind their maintenence schedules LUL contractors will be in a few months time.

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