Friday, October 22, 2004

pointless ramblings

I failed to get up at 6.00 this morning as I wanted. Got up at 8.30 and left for work at 9.15. Drove again - can't resist it - the car's warm, comfortable,and bulging with 6 of my cds.

Played John Coltraine, Count Basie, King Tubby and Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson really worked for me - in leafy sunny Mile End, driving along. Fantastic.

Only started to feel crappy towards the end of the day. Did some research in the early afternoon. Found out that the accepted cause of the Tupolev crash on October 4th 2001 may not be the complete truth. It appears that the US pressured Ukraine to admit that they had shot the airliner down, but weren't all that happy about doing so. The plane contained Russian Jews travelling from Israel to families in Russia. I think that its not impossible that the US shot it down. This may have been to strongarm the Israelis into shutting the fuck up while the US needed harmony and support from Arab countries.

I can investigate further regarding what happened in Ukraine. I've got names of a few individuals involved. I'll try to work out what actually happened. I need to follow up on reports that the Ukrainian president wanted to lift the plane up out of the water to investigate the cause of the crash, believing that it would show that Ukraine was not at fault, and thereby humiliating the US.

This evening I got stuck in very bad traffic down the A11, along Mile End, and through Tower Hill. Raced with some f****r in a BMW who thought he'd be happier if he was in front of me. Stopped him getting in front of me till I got on New Kent Road, but he passed me in the buslane. I passed him later on the Elephant and Castle roundabout.

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