Friday, October 22, 2004

more troops in iraq

I stayed up till 2.30 watching Black Books and uploading pictures from our PC.

Then I got up late again. Got quite a lot to do - S arrives back tomorrow, and I need to tidy up.

It seems that Geoff Hoon and the wonderful Tony B Liar have decided to back the US forces in Iraq, yet again, with deployment of more UK troops. There were no votes in the Commons this time. In the run up to the Iraq invasion the revolts were getting bigger and bigger. Bliar relied on the Tories to get him parliamentary support for war. I think he knows he wouldn't get support this time. A lot of people are saying it's a politically motivated decision - nothing to do with military imperatives. Bliar will do anything to help his buddy Bush get back to power.

I don't think he need worry too much - the chaos surrounding the Diebold voting machines looks like playing straight into the Republicans hands. If what happened in Florida was enough last time - then god knows what dirty tricks will be performed to get GW in again.

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