Thursday, February 24, 2005

No Snow

John Gaunt – the fat presenter – was complaining about the lack of snow and the fact that the apocolyptic forecast yesterday appeared to be a kneejerk reaction to last year's failure to predict a massive blizzard cutting off hundreds of people in their cars. And again this morning – the snow has failed to materialise. There were flurries around ten, but then it turned to sleet and rain. The new forecast is that it is pretty unlikely that snow will be a problem in London. I noticed that there was plenty of grit on the roadsthis morning, so I can't see why anyone can complain. Weather forecasting is far from an exact science, and a high probability of snow should be enough to trigger a response from the gritters.

Extinction” – author Ray Hammond was on the Robert Elms show. Earthquakes are doubling every year. – small to middle-range earthquakes – according to Hammond. Extinction is a thriller about global warming reaching crisis point and the puny human response to it. I haven't read it. Yet. But Hammond has done research that suggests global warming has affected the plate techtonics - the raise in temperatures has caused a corresponding expansion in volume of the earth's crust - which in turn has caused more instability in earthquake prone areas. Watch this space.

One of the bizarre things about the Internet is being able to rummage through random people’s photo albums like this:
Family pictures from America
A Scandinavian on holiday you can access some of her other albums too. Notice how many of her pictures are completely out of focus.
This, I assume, is an American. His pictures are pretty awful.
some more here
I’m glad that someone’s doing this a blog made up of pictures of dog signs:

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