Thursday, July 13, 2006

ID cards...buggered hand...dead banker,,1817436,00.html


Well � it looks like Blair�s ID card scheme is dead. Yay!!


For now�.


I buggered my hand up last week falling off my new bike. But I still managed to complete the Dunwich Dynamo. A man was killed by a lorry � but I was unaware of this till Monday morning. Therefore it didn�t taint my experience � and won�t put me off doing it again next year. Somehting does need to be sorted out though. Are we as a society going to continue to accept this wholesale slaughter going on?


Hand bloody hurts a week later, but the swelling�s gone down.


Put the cycle computer on the bike this morning � there�s a reassuring logo on the screen which indicates that your wheels are going round.


It also shows temperature.


I managed about 15 mph average into work today


Dead banker in east London,,30000-1227489,00.html


This is very soon after Kenneth Lay�s death, and on the same day as the Natwest 3 are extradited


Natwest 3


how little there is in the UK press about what the charges are? The whole debate seems to revolve around the unfairness of the extradition laws (which they manifestly are btw).


�they never mention the guy was working in New York either, they do have a lawyer assisting them Shakram Bakri (sp?) Liberty women, standing beside them at the high court, I know she doing it on principal and shes right to, but they had their lawyer on R&J and they were all aghast at how laws meant for terrorist could be used against them and that blonde haired toff was like the government told us when we voted for it in that it was for terrorists after 911, thats why we voted for it, they never told us it would be used by people who could be innocent???

and him and david davis and aload of 'business leaders' protested outside parliament without a permit or notice and nobody said boo to them while people continue to get arrested everyday.�

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