Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stratford Cycle Lanes

Believe it or not, this is a cycle lane. It runs through the centre of Stratford in east London. It serves as a contra-flow lane and runs past the main shopping parade. It's bizarre anyway - as it doesn

;t look anything like a cycle lane, except for the representations of cycles that used to be visible alonf its length. You can see the remains of one in this picture (left).

Most people walking along the pavement here seem entirely unaware that this is a cycle lane, and any cyclist braving the tuts of disapproval usually ends up having to give way to every pedestrians walking along this route

And this (right) is where the path just ends. WTF! Where do I go now?

I love this bit (left). Are we expected to squeeze between the poles?

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Luke Alexander said...

Yeah! The place doesn't look like a lane at all. There should've been a mark. Anyways, I guess, the place has now changed or is already marked.