Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Cat's Playlist

1. Johnny Cash ~ San Quentin
One of his prison albums from the late 60s. I bought this recently along with the Folsom Prison CD.
2. Johnny Cash ~ The Sun Years
Surprisingly good, and at �5 for 50 songs, a bargain. I've been deleting the syrupy sounding tracks from my MP3 player, but the other 30 songs are strong enough to make this set of recordings a classic.
3. Morrissey ~ Ringleader of the Tormenters
It's a grower. As good as any of Mozza's other solo efforts, and better than most.
4. David Bowie ~ Buddha of suburbia
It's a soundtrack album from the television series of the same name, and also its a proper Bowie album, and a good one at that. I just won it on an ebay auction - for 20 squid.
5. Colorblind James Experience ~ John Peel Session
Another ebay win. I should have bought this years ago, but didn;t. Anyway - now I have it on vinyl. Four tracks on the record, each one great in its own way. I'm bidding for the first album now. I saw the (late) Colorblind James back in the late 80s. Twice. Once performing the first album, then back again for the second album (which I do have).
6.  Sheffield Shanty ~ Monkey Swallows The Universe
A song brimming with wist.
7. Complete Monkees
Another bargain. It contains everything the Monkees ever recorded, it says here. Hardly a duff track on it.
8. Beyond Nashville
This is a compilation album containing country and country inspired tracks that accentuate the dark side of existence.
9. Elvis Costello ~ Delivery Man
I can't get enough of this album. Listened to it again this morning. It might be Costello's best album.
10. Gary numan ~ Telekon
The album Numan made at the peak of his powers. I have the expanded version which includes I Die: You Die and We are Glass. I'll be seeing this performed live in December.

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