Friday, October 27, 2006

this weeks top ten on my MP3 player

1. Johnny Cash
that Sun stuff is still doing it for me - and I've started loading up his American Series stuff now - so Cash might stay at number one for some time.
2. Elvis Costello
Can't see EC disapearing from this list in the near future either
3. David Bowie
Now I've got Laughing Gnome and some other of his 60s stuff on the MP3 player...
4. Wilco
5. Talking Heads
I loaded up a few live tracks at the weekend - from The Name of This Band and Stop Making Sense
6. Steve Earle
The man is a God. I saw him at Glastonbury don;t you know...
7. Morrissey
The man is a God, I saw him at Glastonbury don;t you know...
8. Kate Bush
I just bought Wuthering Heights - no room to put it on the MP3 player yet though.
9. Can
Getting a bit fed up with this at the moment.
9. Flaming Lips
9. Polyphonic Spree

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